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  • bookLibrary Management
    Automate you'r library either through QR-code, barcode or through RFID. RFID based solution dose'nt require any librarian, scanners at exit gate can track theft isint that great.
  • live_tvLiveStreaming
    Better brand exposure, Richer content, sense of urgency, Better interaction with the customers are some key benifits of live streamnig.
    Maybe the best thing about live streaming is the fact that you can make your audience larger simply by streaming meaningful content in the online world. Doing so is a good idea, because the larger your audience is, the more chances you get for converting those persons into paid customers, and the results will definitely show in the long run
  • directions_busLive Transport Tracking
    Quick and secure way to track the location of all your school vehicles that ferry students to and from the school. Each vehicle is fitted with a GPS tracking unit which allows school authorities to see the location of the vehicles from their web-panel access. School can create groups of students for each vehicle. Parents of these students can see the location of their child's vehicle in their app in real-time.
  • languageBeautiful Website
    Make strong impression to your customers with elegant, interactive website.